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    SPAGGO & FUNNY for me and my family are not just restaurants with kids clubs, not just a work … ,
    they are a lifestyle.
    It sounds like a cliché but it’s true – I’m happy and proud that I do have the chance to do something, I like.
    This thing makes not only me happy, but it brings joy to the other people.
    I am glad I can offer a pleasant environment, to bring a luxury and a sense of style to my clients.

    I’m proud with the food, which we prepare – incredibly fresh, filled with pride and passion,
    created with a lot of attention and love. Nowadays, the food is not only subsistence;
    it is an esthetic, culture, tradition…
    It is a try to make the everyday things attractive and special. 

    In the culinary world it is never boring. As well in SPAGGO & FUNNY.

    Tendencies in the nutrition are changing every year, even every season.
    It is the same way in our restaurants SPAGGO with kids clubs FUNNY.
    Provoked by the care for our clients and the need of healthy living,
    I was inspired to create the very first Menu-Advice for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers.

    I am convinced in the success and grateful to our loyal clients, I have the power to say – we will continue to progress and develop our name – SPAGGO & FUNNY.

    Thank you for giving your trust and supporting us … 

    Atanas Atanasov